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Aames Says “Cheese;” Lakin Strikes Gold; Good Day For Littlefield

September 4th, 2010

Do you want to learn how to buy cheese? Go to the website of Avery Aames, author of THE LONG QUICHE GOODBYE. She has tips and recipes (including gluten-free scones) at  And be on the look-out for the next Charlotte Bessette Cheese Shop Mystery, LOST AND FONDUE.

Aging is international as Gladdy Gold shows us in her 6th outing, GETTING OLD IS TRES DANGEREUX. When a French redhead goes for Gladdy’s main squeeze, the young woman’s life is in jeopardy–and not from Gladdy’s wrath. Check out author Rita Lakin’s Hollywood credits, You’ll recognize many of the shows.  

We all have bad days, but Stella Hardesty seems to have more than most. When a tornado uncovers a mummified female and the sheriff’s ex comes to town, it’s certain to be A BAD DAY FOR PRETTY. Sophie Littlefield continues her series following her debut with A BAD DAY FOR SORRY.

Actor, author and Jeopardy champion Boyd Morrison defied the odds and took his Kindle novel, THE ARK, to bestseller status. Be on the lookout this November for ROGUE WAVE, a tsunami set to    destroy Honolulu in one hour.

There are lots of  BROKEN PLACES in the 3rd Rachel Goddard mystery. This time author Sandra Parshall gives us blackmail, arson and several murders for the veternarian/sleuth to solve. When a newspaper publisher tries to save a dying paper, he’s the one who winds up dead.

NEWS FLASH! Murder Circle Favorite Sue Ann Jaffarian has just announced that her latest, MURDER IN VEIN, is to be the first hardcover published by Midnight Ink! The book launch is set for Sept. 18 at The Mystery Book Store in Westwood (Los Angeles).  For those of you who can’t attend, be sure and give the lady a high-five when you see her at Bouchercon in October!

Marilyn Meredith is going down an INVISIBLE PATH in the 10th Tempe Crabtree Native American mystery. Suspect Jesus Running Bear leaves Tempe with no “reservations” of finding the killer before the victim’s friends and a milita group take matters into their own hands.  

Will Jeri Westerson sport her T-shirt with the slogan “Chaucer Is My Homeboy” at Bouchercon next month? Keep an eye out. And look for the 3rd in the Crispin Guest Medieval Noir series, THE DEMON’S PARCHMENT.

Did you miss the recent book launch for the 5th Billy Boyle WWII Mystery, RAG AND BONE? The retro covers of James R. Benn’s novels take us back to  a time when we liked Ike, a relative of Boyles through marriage. This is a smartly-written book about wartime intelligence!

When she’s not doing standup comedy (?), L.J. Sellers writes the Det. Jackson mysteries. Right now she’s THRILLED TO DEATH about the freshly released third in the series. Murder brings out dirty secrets of a socialite and a suspect who hasn’t left his house in a year. Now, that’s nothing to laugh about!

ANNOUNCEMENT: I’ve been hard at work pulling together the Mystery Cruise to the Mexican Riviera in Nov.  We have 40 bookbags to fill. Many terrific authors have sent me promo items, but if you’ve got something to contribute, contact me for a snail mail address.

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