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When sheriff's department office assistant Christy Bristol takes a long weekend to visit her friend, Lennie, in the Sierra Nevada foothills, it's not the vacation she anticipated. A murder has just occurred and Christy is conscripted by the homicide team to handle the reports. To add to her frustration, she gets in a fight with Lennie over her friend's arrogant boyfriend and has no place to stay. The detectives put her up in a forest ranger's cabin while he is away fighting fires.

As the body count grows it becomes apparent the killer is targeting undesirables in the town of Burlap. One of the victim's girlfriends calls Christy and accuses a deputy of the murders. Christy doesn't know whether to believe the snitch or not. Could a killer be hiding behind his badge?

The ranger returns to his cabin only to find he has a roommate. Things get a little too cozy, especially when Christy's boyfriend shows up unexpectedly. The solution? Solve the case before her life gets any more complicated. Using astrology, Christy casts a reverse horoscope to profile the killer but puts her own future at risk. 

And time is running out.     

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Where Angels Fear
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Set in the Central Valley of California, author Sunny Frazier once again explores the rich agricultural region, rural law enforcement and crimes shrouded by Tule fog in this sequel to FOOLS RUSH IN. 
Amateur astrologer Christy Bristol finds herself on the fringes of Kearny society and a members-only sex club as she reluctantly takes on a missing person case. A prominent business man has disappeared and his wife cannot go to the authorities.

Christy's day job with the local sheriff's department is on the line as her investigation crosses paths with several homicide cases … Could the cases be connected?

Aided by best friend Lennie Watkins, the women find themselves on a treacherous trail that leads to the Veterans Hospital, a sex-specialty clothing store, mansions of the rich, and even touches on the Viet Nam War. With only a prescription bottle and matchbook as clues, the young woman must face the Knights of Sensani and her own sexual limitations.

Christy Bristol must go where angels fear to tread.  

"Where Angels Fear
will keep you turning pages—and wondering what’s in your own astrology chart!"
—Honora Finkelstein and Susan Smily, Lovey Award winners and Agatha nominated authors of the Ariel Quigley mystery series

"A bright star in the mystery universe--Sunny Frazier's fast-paced and clever adventure of likeable astrologer Christy Bristol is a fun-to-read page-turner. Highly recommended."
—Joanne Pence
author of the Angie Amalfi Mysteries

Fools Rush In Cover

Fools Rush In
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On a blazing July day in Central County, California, snitch Johnny Blue is murdered by a lethal heroin injection. Undercover narcotic detective James Wolfe, the operative who handled Blue, goes to the Sheriff's Department substation seeking ex-girlfriend Christy Bristol. In the past he ridiculed her hobby of casting horoscopes. Now he needs her expertise to catch the man he suspects is behind Blue's murder, a drug dealer named Lloyd Parr.

Stuck on the lowest rung of law enforcement, Christy becomes first a victim, then a hero in the high-stakes game of narcotic trafficking. Through her eyes, the drug world is reduced to individual players, lost values and discarded dreams. The reality of what goes on in the fertile land of the San Joaquin Valley is far more disturbing than the Hollywood version of drug lords and a wealthy lifestyle fueled by drug money.

In the drug world of the Valley, there are no winners. Only losers.



"Fast-paced and riveting, FOOLS RUSH IN is a salute to good cops, an insider's view of astrology, and a grim descent into the dark world of drug dealers."
      --Carolyn Hart, Agatha Award-winning author of Letter From Home and Dead Days of Summer

"In her debut novel, Sunny Frazier ratchets up the tension. The astrology is a bonus."
     -- Denise Dietz, bestselling author of Chain a Lambchop to the Bed and Footprints in the Butter.

"You'll rapidly turn pages, hoping for Christy's success.”
     -- Lesa Holstine, The Bookbitch

“A fun, enjoyable, get-your-heart-beating just a little bit faster thriller!”
     -- Dr. Cynthia Lea Clark, of Futures Mystery Magazine

“A fast read and an entertaining book.”
     -- Patricia Reid, of


The Never Safe anthology also features the works of established authors and strong new voices. These stories of mystery and suspense are set in a variety of venues and focus on characters in jeopardy. Warning: some tales in this dark collection should be read only during the daytime and behind locked doors!

Gone Coastal
An anthology by the
Central Coast Mystery Writers

The fourth anthology by the Central Coast Mystery Writers features works by established authors and strong new voices. The stories are set in U.S. coastal cities and sprinkled with a couple inland tales for contrast. Gone Coastal offers a complete menu of mysteries from cozy to hardboiled.

Seven by Seven
"A collection of forty-nine fascinating flash fiction pieces about the Seven Deadly Sins, written by seven deadly authors: Sunny Frazier, B.J. Bourg, Kimberly Brown, Deborah Elliott-Upton, John M. Floyd, Gary Hoffman and Frank Zafiro. Edited by Tony Burton." To order, email

Valley Fever: Where Murder is Contagious. California's Central Valley has a dark side, and it gets hot and very deadly. This collection of short stories by Sunny Frazier, JoAnne Lucas and Cora Ramos presents tales of mayhem, murder, malice, and hot-blooded passion. Some of the stories are funny, some frightening, but all are wicked.

Click here to order a copy.

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