Murder Circle


March 8th, 2010

I can’t believe LCC is this weekend! There are many friends I’m excited to see–it’s going to be like a “family” reunion.

I’ll be roommates with M.M. Gornell, better known as Madeline and author of DEATH OF A PERFECT MAN. I plan to meet up with my Sisters in Crime from the Central Coast, Sue McGinty (MURDER IN LOS LOBOS), Karen Kavanagh (ROCK OF MORRO BAY: A Rock Martinez Mystery) and Victoria Heckman. Victoria has a new series out: KAPU: A Coconut Man Mystery of Ancient Hawaii. Just the thing for beach reading on my upcoming trip to Kauai.

The Sacramento Sisters that I just met will join me there. Pre-published author Cindy Sample (DYING FOR A DATE), Patricia Canterbury (EVERY THURSDAY) and Nan Mahon (JUNKYARD BLUES) were fun women and we’ll have a great time.

Another Sister I hope to finally meet, this one from Nevada, is Morgan St. James (THE SEVEN DEADLY SAMOVARS). We have tried to connect up while I’m in Vegas for the Public Safety Writers conference, but it never seems to happen. However, there will be two authors attending who I met at PSWA last year. Forensic handwriting expert Shelia Lowe is the author of the Claudia Rose mysteries. The latest is DEAD WRITE. Also, Michael A. Black, who has written I AM NOT A PSYCHIC with Law & Order SVU’s Richard Belzer. Pretty heady stuff!           

I have promised Lou Allin, who I met at LCC Big Island, a bag of pistachios from the Central Valley. We grow ‘em, you love ‘em! I’ll also be picking up a copy of MAN CORN MURDERS because I’m eager to learn more about the Anasazi tribe of the Southwest.

Another Canadian author I hope to spend time with is Mary Jane Maffini. She launched my career at Bcon Vegas years ago when she put me on a panel. She’s got 3 series going, but I’m attracted to THE DEAD DON’T GET OUT MUCH from the Camilla MacPhee line.

Since I’ll be on a panel called “Behind the Badge” on Saturday with Steven M. Thomas, I decided to prep by reading CRIMINAL KARMA. Fun stuff. Easy to like con man Robert Rivers when he goes up against guru Baba Raba.

Ditto with panelist Robert Ellis. I chose THE LOST WITNESS to sample his writing. This is the 4th in the series of the Lena Gamble L.A. Detective mysteries. I’m already a fan.

Robin Burcell will be up there with us. I’ve read her Kate Gillespie books, but I’m eager to try THE BONE CHAMBER featuring forensic artist Sydney Fitzpatrick.

Between witches and ghosts, there are strange things happening in the mystery world. SECONDHAND SPIRITS by Juliet Blackwell introduces Lily Ivory and the new Witchcraft Mystery series. Sue Ann Jaffarian simultaneously wrote the Odelia Grey series and produced the new Ghost of Granny Apples series with GHOST A LA MODE. I’ll take a bite of that apple!

Naomi Hirahara will no doubt be launching BLOOD HINA at the conference. I also want a look at Kelli Stanley’s latest, CITY OF DRAGONS. Friend Ann Parker continues to strike gold from her books about the silver mining town of Leadville in LEADEN SKIES.

I plan to ask Tim Wohlforth about his upcoming title, HARRY.  I’m going to pick Penny Warner’s brain to find out HOW TO HOST A KILLER PARTY. And Denise Hamilton has a stand-alone out: THE LAST EMBRACE. The latest in the Special Agent Kelly Jones series, THE GATEKEEPER by Michelle Gagnon is on my list.   

Who can resist assassin John Rain–or Barry Eisler, for that matter? I’m dying to read REQUIEM FOR AN ASSASSIN, the 6th in the Rain series. Wait, he has a stand-alone too? It will be my fault if I don’t check out FAULT LINE. 

Cynthia Riggs, author of the Martha’s Vineyard Mysteries, will be sailing to the Mexican Riviera with me on the Mystery Cruise in November–I’m sure we’ll have much to talk about.    

I know her as Camille Minichino, author of the Perodic Table Mysteries, but now she’s AKA Margaret Grace writing the Miniatures Mysteries. My dad made me a dollhouse for my 40th birthday and I’m a collector. Guess I’ll have to start collecting Camille’s series.

LCC isn’t over until THE FAT LADY SINGS. That’s the title of Kit Sloan’s latest Margot & Max Mystery. I want to welcome Kit in person to Oak Tree Press, the publishing house we both share.

So many authors, so little time! Guess I need to get packing.

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