Murder Circle


January 23rd, 2009

Mama drives a turquoise convertible and her daughters crazy when she finds a corpse in the trunk. Deborah Sharp presents a four-time married Southern belle with a penchant for sherbet-toned pant suits and trouble. Make time for MAMA DOES TIME, the first in the Mace Baur Mysteries.

The 6th in Win Blevins‘ Rendezvous series, DREAMS BENEATH YOUR FEET, finds mountain man Sam Morgan heading to California. It’s 1840, and no, he’s not going to the Golden State for the good weather and great beaches. But, what’s a road trip without a bushwack, kidnapping and horse thieves? Ah, the good ol’ days!

Jinx Schwartz was surprised to discover JUST ADD WATER can be downloaded on a GPS system.What other wonders of technology are out there that we mere mortals know nothing of?” she asks. Jinx already has one Eppie under her belt, and JUST ADD TROUBLE, the third Hetta Coffey mystery, is a currently an Eppie finalist.

Has anybody checked out the rhinestone-studded red high heel on the cover of L.L. Bartlett’s DEAD IN RED? That’s what psychic Jeff Resnick hones in on when asked to look into a murder. In the second novel of the supernatural series, we follow Resnick into a world of fetishes and drag queens. Didn’t see that coming!

They’re bookstore owners and their last name is Reade. When they find a 40-year-old diary that describes a rape and murder, all Glenn and Lindsay want to do is return it to the owner. But, someone wants them dead. Author Cindy Davis offers A PAGE IN THE PAST to keep us turning pages fast.

So good to see Honora Finkelstein and Susan Smily’s latest in print after Susan’s illness. THE LAWYER WHO DIED PROBING is the third novel in the Ariel Quigley Mysteries. Bombings, burning buildings and pirates are nothing compared to ghosts, a conjure woman and Wiccan exotic dancers that people Ariel’s life. Oh, and did I mention the novel has an accompanying cookbook? Eye of newt not included.

NEWS FLASH! I just received an update on DEATH OF A COZY WRITER. G.M. Malliet’s police procedural has just been picked by Kirkus as one of the best books of 2008. Plus, it’s up for LCC’s “Hawaii Five-0” award. I’ll drink a mai tai to that!

Things are not beachy keen in Sue McGinty’s MURDER IN LOS LOBOS. Ex-nun, obituary editor Bella Kowalski smells something rotten in coastal California, and not just from the new sewage plant. Foul plans are afoot.

On a somber note, author Sherry McGinnis has just flown on my radar with her non-fiction books on addiction. The latest, SLAYING THE ADDICTION MONSTER looks at drug 

addiction in America today. She’s also written a fiction book for tweens called THE ADDICTION MONSTER AND THE SQUARE CAT.

The next Murder Circle will be devoted to Canadian mystery authors. Our Northern neighbors have plenty of time to plan cold-blooded murders during long winter nights.



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