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October 20th, 2009

Was it really TWENTY-FIVE YEARS AGO TODAY that a cocktail waitress obsessed with mythology was murdered? Rookie obit writer Kris Langley intends to find out in this cold case by author Stacy Juba. The book will be out on Oct. 27 by Mainly Murder Press.

When there’s a murder in Bradley, NC, 80-something Myrtle Clover is on the case. Her son, the chief of police, would rather she stayed in a rocking chair, but Mama has something to prove. Armed with “a heavy cane, venomous tongue, and a widower sidekick,” Elizabeth Spann Craig’s senior sleuth goes after a killer in PRETTY IS AS PRETTY DIES.

Lisa Donahue got her promotion as Interim Director of the Boston University Museum after someone dropped a Roman statue on her boss.  As if struggling with his murder isn’t tough enough, the new Director is a vicious woman from Lisa’s past. Sarah Wisseman delivers the goods in THE FALL OF AUGUSTUS.

Dr. Carole Shmurak is the author of the YA Matty Trescott series, as well as the Susan Lombardi mysteries for adults. Lombardi is of the academic sleuth variety. All is not well in Hilliard, Connecticut, when raciest pranks point to a gifted/twisted student or jealous colleague–and where did a teacher disappear to when is wife’s body is found in the basement? It all adds up in DEATH AT HILLIARD HIGH.

Mary Montegue Sikes has set a mystery on one of my favorite Caribbean Islands, Antigua. SECRETS BY THE SEA was nominated for a Library of Virginia Literary Award.

If Antigua is one of my favorite islands, WHILE MY GUITAR GENTLY WEEPS is one of my favorite songs. It’s also the title of Deborah Grabien’s latest rock ‘n roll mystery. JP Kinkaid is an aging musician on a mission when a singer’s head is bashed in with a flaming-red guitar. He must fight his multiple sclerosis to solve the murder.

After being wounded in a school shooting, Professor Reed Stubblefield goes to rural Illinois to heal. But he finds he’s not the only one–people are flocking to a priest who exhibits the stigmata. Is it a miracle or murder when the priest bleeds to death? John Desjarlais raises some intriguing questions in BLEEDER.

Martha Cheves has whet our appetites again with a recipe for Carne Asada to accompany Brian L. Porter’s book, LEGACY OF THE RIPPER. To have a recipe paired with your book, go to and tell her Sunny sent you. Here’s my books and the recipes Martha came up with for them: FOOLS RUSH IN–Raisin Oatmeal Cookies; and WHERE ANGELS FEAR–Lennie’s Devil’s Food Cake.

What are 5 Berkley Prime Crime authors cooking up? Find out by going over to The site is manned by Julie Hyzy, who writes the White House Chef mysteries; Krista Davis, who pens the Domestic Diva series; Cleo Coyle, author of the Coffee House Mysteries; and three authors with a new series coming in 2010: Avery Aames, the Cheese Shop Mysteries; Riley Adams, the Memphis Barbecue Mysteries; and Jenn McKinlay, the Cupcake Mysteries. Sounds like they’ve got their plates full!

And HUGE congrats to Julie Hyzy for winning both the Barry and Anthony Awards for STATE OF THE ONION. Way to saute!

Anthony Boucher would be pleased with Jeffrey Marks Anthony win at this year’s Bouchercon for ANTHONY BOUCHER: A BIBLIOGRAPHY. Kudos!

Where there’s a will, there’s a way. . . .Carolyn Hart dips her mistletoe into the paranormal with MERRY, MERRY GHOST. When a wealthy woman discovers an orphan is her grandson, she sets out to change her will. One heir has murder in mind, but redheaded ghost Bailey Ruth Raeburn won’t let the “spirit” of Christmas being ruined. Set to hit the shelves on Oct. 27, Carolyn is offering a special gift price right now.

For more mystery news, head over to my cohort-in-crime Karyne Corum and see what she’s croaking about:

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