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Sunny FrazierWhat's a nice girl like me doing writing murder mysteries?

I've always wanted to write, starting in elementary school and continuing into high school where I was the editor of the Lemoore, California, high school newspaper. During a four-year tour in the Navy, I wrote for military publications and attracted the attention of people in Washington D.C. But I left the military to attend college on the GI Bill and pursue a degree in journalism.

I worked as a news reporter on a small paper in Fresno that ultimately folded. I then found a job with the Fresno County Sheriff's Department. I worked for seventeen years in law enforcement, and the last eleven years as secretary with an undercover narcotics team.

From that experience a mystery writer was born.

Although I have two unpublished novels waiting in the wings, my current success is in the short story market. Many of my stories have won prizes in competition and have been published. Twelve of these stories appear in the anthology Valley Fever: Where Murder Is Contagious published by Fithian Press in 2003.


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